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Space Miner Strategy Guide

After you’ve gotten your feet wet and are more or less used to the routine in Space Miner, it’s time to start thinking more carefully about how you want to build your ship. Consider the parts of the game you’ve been having trouble with up to this point and try to shore up your weak points. The game is mainly about mining and collecting ore, so leaning in the direction of upgrades that help you do that more efficiently will certainly give you a good return for your credits. At the same time, some upgrades may be excessive depending on how you play. If you’re not in the habit of blowing past the ore you’ve extracted, for example, you can probably hold back on improving your catcher beam.

Players who have trouble with the combat end of things may need to focus more on upgrades that help keep them alive. It’s hard to get much mining done if you keep getting blown up, after all. Identify your issues with combat. If you find yourself unable to avoid hits, upgrade your ship’s defenses to give you a bit more breathing room. So long as you’ve got a basic handle on dodging, however, you’ll most likely want to focus your combat upgrades on your offensive capabilities. The fewer shots it takes you to take out an enemy, the fewer shots you’ll have to dodge. 

Always be on the lookout for Alien Technology. If you’re lucky, you’ll find an Alien Matrix that will lead you to some new tech. Once you find Alien Tech, it will be available for purchase in the shop. These are permanent upgrades that persist from game to game, and they are extremely rare. A single playthrough will have a random selection of Alien Tech seeded into it, so you won’t be able to get it all unless you replay the game multiple times. You’re going to want to get your hands on this stuff though, as the effects and bonuses Alien Tech gives your ship are huge. Again, you’ll want to examine your own play style to determine which parts to buy and use, assuming you’ve found enough to have a choice. 


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